Religious Science or Scientific Religion?? – A New Quest

              Actually, I am fed up of people asking me whether am a theist?? Being a Brahmanan (Brahmin), they expect me to be one. But Nope, i am not!! Well, an atheist? Nope! Actually i don’t fit into anyone of the religious inclinations popularized by Dr.Richard Dawkins, and don’t want to fit into any.I don’t believe in the conventional definition of GOD nor Atheism. So what am i?? I just have some reasonable questions.


Religion and Science started when man wanted to understand nature in the first place, from then religion deviated into some balderdash and philosophy (all religions for that matter). Lets take the example of Christianity, when those ancients started writing the bible, They assumed that Ptolemy’s view of our solar system was true, which was done using scientific methods, though incorrect. I don’t want to go into further disputable arguments which may hurt other’s feelings, but when science keeps itself updating, why cant religion? The science my father studied is not the same which i study, nor will be the same which my son will study, But the religious preachings remain the same forever. Why is that?

 “Religion is flawed, only because men are flawed”. There is nothing wrong in being flawed, but it is felonious to remain flawed. As a supporter of science, i admit that in science, there were, and in some cases still contain flaws, but they immediately strived to solve it. Why can’t religion do that? Fine, we all respect our ancients and their views, (Even science does, taking the direction of current to be the direction of flow of positive charges in a conductor) but when they are wrong, they are wrong! “Kuttram kuttrame!!” I agree that there has been some paradigm shifting changes in our lives from those of our ancients, which has changed our way of life from theirs. But the scientific facts seem to remain the same. We are not yet that old for the universe to expand so much that it loses all the evidence of Big Bang and other things, Atleast till then, religious leaders could be broad-minded enough to realize and accept the flaws in their religion, and try to modify their views if possible. That kind of world would be amazing.

 But in a way i do support religion. Throughout history religion has been the vital reason for the creation and development of various arts. When there is no religion, then those would go meaningless. Maybe new styles of art may occur, but i have a crossed mind about those. They may not carry the “essence” that present arts have, And not to forget the “Tradition”.And here i do not mean the stupid “parigaram, and venduthal”( After all, no religion defines god as a business-man to do dealings) These traditions have created our identity, losing these causes a big damage. Yes, i do try to follow my tradition, just because its my identity and i love it, but i never do it because i want a supernatural power to bestow me with something.This is what our elders used to advice us as “Kadanai sei; Palanai Edhirparkade” [Do your duty, never expect the outcome] which describes that our world is completely uncertain, which are invariantly the results of Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory.

So were those the only reasons that i support religion? No! The notion of god may vary in different religions, which are just different interpretations, just like Quantum Mechanics having different interpretations. I have come across a very few people, who give an alternative explanation for the preachings in their religions analogous with scientific principles. The vacuous atheists, mock them. As for me, what on earth is wrong with such type of interpretations.

   Personally, i feel that religion cannot and should not be erased totally. Can science provide peace? or confidence? uplift our state of mind? Well, Religion atleast attempts to do that, and we must appreciate that. After all, what’s the point of just living in a mechanistic way? Lets assume you have understood the whole universe, and have realized Einstein’s dream of a single equation explaining the entire universe/Multiverse whatever it may be.

“Then what??”

The only logical answer, that my feeble mind could think of is that, the visionaries at that time, would use science to formulate ways to live our lives. Since they could understand everything, they could use science to their advantage to have a better life. So why cant Religions all over the world use the current science to formulate a better way??

Why cant they understand this?

Or atleast the scientists, the so called geniuses, instead of proving highly non-intuitive not very useful theorems like 1+2+3+4+… = -(1/12) !!!!, should foresee the future of humanity and not the human intelligence. I don’t know about the reader, but i really see a crisis here. Maybe we are using science to our advantage even now like weather satellites, seismographs etc., but i want science to have an impact on the virtues, that every human must posses. I don’t know if this could be done or not, but i really wish for it.

 I am not against religion nor science, i just have the view that when both were created for the same cause, why cant they just merge? Why cant we view science and religion as different manifestations of the same thing i.e., to realize the beauty of nature and the purpose of our lives in it.

 I haven’t done much research about this topic, but i just wrote what i feel. If this kind of ideas already prevail, i would love to read more on those. As for the Title, I am more inclined to Scientific Religion rather than Religious Science.

 Thank you for your time, Critical, non-critical comments and views invited.